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the ship that was too proud to ever sink
Name's Spirena. I'm a young high school student currently living in south Florida, whose dreams consist of becoming a lawyer, saving puppies and other such shenanigans. I'm a huge dork by nature, and quite shy when first approached, but can be very snuggly and affectionate once you get to know me. New friends are also extremely shiny and loved!

Most of my fandoms are of the anime variety, but there's a few TV, book and game fandoms squeezed in there, too. I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to art or graphics of any kind, but love to write fanfiction (and some originalfic) and other similar creative outlets. I've also recently gotten into the whole RPing scene, which has quickly become a new favorite hobby of mine.

This journal mostly consists of fandom squee, rants, RP blathering, and some real life talk sprinkled in.
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